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Restoration Essentials

Scalp Kissed Butter

Scalp Kissed Butter

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Retail 4 oz. manna that aids in delivering extra moisture, for extra dry locs.  while holding a longer retwist. and helps to mold and give ultimate moisture for extra dry locs. Helps aid in holding a longer retwist and helps to mold and give a more hydrated loc strand.  Great for full retwist from root to ends by applying  a little dab to the roots for retwist and along the hair locs strands. Patron is to sit under a hot dryer from 15-20 min after the twist down.   Remove Clips.  


Distilled water, shea, lanolin, Euphorbia Antisphilitica, (Candle Wax)

How to use

Scoop with your finger whatever amount necessary hair, gently rub between your palms and apply to area needed.


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